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Which type of ‘climber’ are you?

You are at the bottom of your mountain, looking up at the top, your goal.
It looks far out of reach, scary, impossible maybe. Will I be able to breathe properly? What if I fall off? What if I get stuck in a storm? What if I get so tired I have to give up?
Many people never even try. Too much, too high, ‘I’m not good enough’, too much hassle, ‘I have no time’. They turn around and keep seeing the mountain in their mind their whole life. The older they get, the more they wonder ‘what if’ ‘oh well, I’m too old now anyway’. They then look at the climbers with jealousy and envy. What I say ‘you could be there only if you tried!’
A few brave ones start the journey, and indeed, it does take bravery. They start because they have no clue how hard it will get but their will power is enormous. Some start just because it’s fun and they get more serious and realise what’s happening along the way. Some start whilst looking up seeing others very close to the top, feeling inspired. Others have prepared in such great detail their chance to reach the top is very high but don’t forget, they don’t own nature, for them too, surprises are awaiting.
A big percentage will fall off. The question is ‘what do they do next?’
Some fall off and stay down at the first hurdle.
Some fall down at the second or third hurdle and decide to stay down.
What everyone has in common: – They all have to battle bad weather.
– They will all have to battle pain.
– They will all have to battle fear.
– They will all have to battle set backs.
– They will all have to give themselves a rest and regain strength in their little tent, set up against the rock cliff.
Start your climb! Imagine the feeling of satisfaction!
Don’t give up. If you give up, you will never know.
You are here to climb your mountain and not one person at the top has ever said it was easy!
You are here to climb your mountain and humanity needs you to get to the top!
That is what your soul decided to do and you know which is your mountain.
Have a rest but you cannot give up!

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