When we surrender, we are able to truly connect.

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When we surrender, we are able to truly connect.

This picture was taken nearly 5years ago, the day my 1lb baby was born. I hit rock bottom. My baby girl was seriously ill and extremely premature. She had 1 chance in 10 to survive and be healthy. (She did ?) This rock bottom moment was actually the spring moment of massive change and life lessons. It was the day my re-birth took place.

That day, the deepest, most horrendous emotional day I had ever experienced, I also experienced the deepest calm ever felt. Only moments after my little girl was born, the Angels let me experience this on my biggest moment of surrender. I was surrounded by quiet, peace, love and light, I was lifted up and the material world disappeared just for a moment which felt like hours but was only seconds, there was no time.

If you are struggling right now, believe me: There is a plan, you are so powerful, our natural state is perfect health and happiness and we are surrounded continuously by God and his Angels. You are not doing this alone.

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