The deeply touching effects of dealing with emotions

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The deeply touching effects of dealing with emotions

Because I know how powerful working with the mind is, I found it crucial, to share this knowledge and make as many people aware as possible of the power of our mind. To eliminate depression and anxiety from children and adult’s lives because nothing is more beautiful then knowing how to deal with what you feel and nothing is more beautiful than living a deeply happy and healthy life! You are in control. You create, you decide.

So, yesterday – after a fabulous day teaching mindfulness in the Burnham-on-Crouch primary school to the year 6 children as preparation for their SATS – I read this most touching and beautiful review on Amazon. I felt goosebumps and I knew, yes! my message is arriving. Even if I just helped this one child, it was worth it. It uplifted me and gave me so much strength and love to keep doing what I’m doing. Touched, so deeply touched, feeling unlimited gratitude.


‘My 8 year old daughter was going on a school trip for the first time – 3 nights away – she immediately picked out Unknown Territory and read it before the trip and took the book with her. On her return we discovered a close friend is extremely unwell – she sent him the Illness meditation and each night picks a suitable one. I am overwhelmed by what an extraordinary “tool” this has become on expressing emotions – sometimes unconsciously. A friend who does self hypnosis is going too look at how this might help pinpoint a problem that is causing bed wetting and other kids issues. I cannot recommend it more strongly. Beautifully written, illustrated and presented. A magic book!’

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