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Warning with your book ‘The healing of the 1lb Baby’, tissue needed! So emotional, so touching but absolutely superb!

Lisa, UK

My dad is very good at the moment, thank you so much! I could place everything you mentioned, incredible, thank you!

Julie, belgium

Thank you, with lots of white light and gratefulness! Every time I follow a workshop or healing session with you I feel reborn! Thank you!

Elisabeth, Belgium

Hey Marie, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the distance healing session, I felt it the same as I was with you in the same room.

Zoltan, Netherlands

I wanted to thank you again Marie for the fabulous workshop. I went home feeling very positive and will definitely practise what you taught us.

Colette Velghe, Belgium

Thank you for ‘the lovely workshop’ last Saturday in Brugge. You’ve given me reminders, new tools and new insights for me to keep going on my journey. Wishing you lots of luck with your family and work! ps Please let me know when your oracle cards are on the market, I absolutely love them!

Carine Mestdagh, Belgium

I tell you what Marie, you got some magic to whatever you are doing, I feel a million times better. I feel light again. I am so impressed how you picked up all my physical pains and problems and helped me. Thanks again!

Bindu, UK

Marie’s journey with Eloise is truly miraculous. I implore you to read the book – The Healing of The alb Baby, a fascinating and wonderful outcome.

Mr James Burrows, Exeter

Before Marie’s healing session I felt myself very poorly physically and energetically as well. When she started to heal me I started to cry and step by step I felt big relief. I felt very big energy movement. Since the end of the session, literally I have been a new person. Thanks Marie!

Anita Horvath, The Netherlands

Thank you so much for your work on all of my family. It is a huge change on all of us every time we ask you to treat us. Originally I came to you, I can remember, because of myself. I had a real physical pain issue on the whole left side of my body (mainly head, shoulder) and I was sure that it had emotional roots. With only two treatments I felt such a relief and difference and everything has started to shift… After treatments I am usually overwhelmed and very emotional (with this I mean, that one moment I can be very sad and have to cry and the other moment I am angry and very upset) but then a couple of days later everything settles down and it feels like the storm inside has past. Everything becomes peaceful and quite and I am totally at ease. I feel more confident in what I am doing and becoming clearer about who I am with every treatment I spend with you! Thank you for supporting me on my way of finding out my purpose in this physical body…

Ildiko Geartner, Chelmsford

Hi Marie, Thank you!!!! I felt so much better just a few days after the healing session. I have to say that i find it difficult to visualise. And to turn of my thinking. We keep trying. You are a darling, keep up the good work!!! Tal

Chantal Verheyen, Belgium

Marie, it would have been a great book for us at the time. Would recommend to anyone about to have/gave birth to a prem baby.

Gemma Riley

Magical… That is the exact word to describe this book! You get sucked into this story straight away and you feel every emotion that is described in this story!

I was keeping my fingers crossed for Elouisa, even if I already knew she would be fine!

It is easy to read and you just don’t want to put it down!! 🙂

Magical 🙂 from start, to end! And it gave me a very relaxed feeling as I finished reading and put the book back on my shelve with a happy smile 🙂

Michaela, Belgium

Hi Marie, I read your book in one breathe, stunning! I feel emotional, happy and very curious to that ‘other world’. You have incredible writing talent! Have you had any more books published, can i find them on Amazon? Keep writing, so amazing!

Bernadette S.

Marie, first of all and enormous thank you! I feel a thousand kilos lighter after the healing session. I can feel that i am in full movement now and it can only get better and better.

Elisabeth, Belgium

Read your book last night in one go, couldn’t put it down. Really really good. Thank you. So many questions i have! Fascinating!

Kasey Farram, UK

An eye opening experience. Helped to re-grasp reality and learn ways to enjoy the world as it really is. Allowed me to see things and learn things i’d never seen before.

Jessica Dalton, UK

Marie, your enthusiasm, knowledge and approach was different and searching. The exercises you gave to improve our own approach to life, by cleansing the mind, positive thinking and using the imagination were clear and easy to follow. I came away excited and keen to begin a new venture. Thank you so much, Marie.

Dorothy, UK

I have been teaching meditation for 24 years now and when I heard that about half a mile away was Marie who was going to teach about the Chakra’s & healing I leapt at the chance. Well I wasn’t disappointed Marie is an excellent teacher. I learnt so much. The workshop lasted 2 hours, I could of stayed all day. I left feeling uplifted and very happy and at peace. I thoroughly recommend anyone to go on this course.

Richard Burch, Billericay UK

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