Teaching children mindfulness is preventing mental health problems in later life.

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Teaching children mindfulness is preventing mental health problems in later life.

The importance of mindfulness lays very closely to the prevention of depression, anxiety, eating problems and self-harm. At the base of these mental health problems is … trapped emotions! I was once in that boat, I struggled enormously with life, resulting in depression, anger towards myself and the world  and desperately trying to control life with OCD and eating habits. It was only when I noticed my two sons struggle with life that I realised I had to deal with myself first before I could help them.

I started to meditate, I have always done energy healing and been able to ‘see’, ‘feel’ and ‘know’ more, outside of the human perceptions. For some reason, I kept pushing away to look deep inside myself, scared for all the demons which would jump out and I had to deal with. I ‘forced’ myself to meditate and really focus on my own mind and see what was really going on in there. I started focusing on what I was thinking all day long.

It changed my life!!! It was a long ride but it got easier with time and practice. Still, I am human and experience all emotions possible but I now know how to deal with them. I have learned to acknowledge my emotions, take the message and through meditation and visualisation techniques, get to a better feeling place, wherever I am and as quickly as possible. I now know, what I feel is a result of what is going on in my mind and when I change my thoughts, I feel better. On top of that, everything is energy, like attracts like, when I feel bad, I’m completely out of reach of the good. When I feel good, I’m in equal vibration of perfect fabulous people, experiences and circumstance.

Let me tell you how  I explain this in my school mindfulness workshops, every time I see children for the first time:

You turn on your TV and see a program you shouldn’t be watching, it has violence and is not nice. How does it make you feel? ‘worried, sad, scared…’

So what do you do? You change the channel! Now you are watching one of your favourite programs. How does that make you feel? ‘happy, excited…’

So what you are watching on the screen is making you feel a certain way!

This is the same with your mind, what you think of makes you feel a certain way.

Your feelings are an alarm system, if you feel angry, sad, irritated, jealous… it’s your feelings telling you, you need to change the picture in your mind.

After this eye opening explanation, I teach them how we can change the pictures in our mind to feel better, every time.

The very easy to apply exercises in my new book for primary school aged children help with exactly that. Buy your copy now and help prevent depression, anxiety, self-harm and eating problems in later life.


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