Rectification of the true meaning of meditation

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Rectification of the true meaning of meditation

I want to rectify the misunderstanding around meditation.

What most people think: Meditation is sitting down quietly in a Lotus pose, in a quiet surrounding, not thinking of anything. Meditating is for hippies or people who are very rich and have loads of time and know exactly what they’re doing. This can be true, correct, for some people this is the case, with fantastic outcome.

Meditation in reality: It’s about listening to the Self, your self speaks through your feelings = spiritual guidance. We all feel, every day… we ALL receive spiritual guidance. Meditation can be done anywhere, especially when it’s busy, to keep yourself calm. Meditation is about breathing, which we all do, bringing the attention to the breath, so the whole body can go into relaxation mode and the mind can slow down and as a result, you feel better. Meditation is about being aware of your own incredible power, learning to use your mind in a very positive way through breath and visualisation.

The big one which makes us sad or loose the plot is… trapped emotions, emotions which have been ignored, invalidated and tucked away deep into the subconscious! During meditation, thanks to breathing and calming down our thinking, we can recognise and deal with our emotions (instead of pushing them away and often pushed away emotions will come back so we can deal with it, heal them!), to come to a better feeling place, wherever we are and as quickly as possible. We can use our visualisation, as what we see in our mind makes us feel a certain way, whether it’s real or not. So let’s imagine things to trick our brain and make us feel better. We are vibrating beings, so as we feel better, we vibrate higher. Being a human equals living according to the law of attraction, so, as we trick our mind, we higher the vibrations and as a result, the law of attraction kicks in and instead of sad, angry, unfriendly situations and people, we will attract happy, high vibrational things and people in life!

Your whole life can change through using meditation and I’m a living proof of that, simply by breathing, acknowledging your feelings (as they tell you everything about a situation, what you want, where you want to be, how someone else is…) and using your mind in a positive way.

Find 22 ‘coping mechanisms’/meditations in my new book and CD ‘Acorns to Great oaks – meditations for Children’ published by Findhorn press

With stunning illustrations from Jokanies and inspirational, beautiful music from Ellen Verheyen @Musicalonstage



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