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Meditation and awareness training allows us to find the place in our hearts and minds where we feel happy and trusting, so that we can feel good again, in any situation, wherever we are, and as quickly as possible.

By performing meditations and visualisation exercises regularly, children will become:

  • aware of their own importance in the world
  • aware of the role of energy
  • aware of how their thoughts and feelings influence their lives and those of others
  • aware of their connection with the beautiful planet we live on
  • aware of how they can change anything for the better, easily and quickly, in order to create trust, strength and happiness.
  • decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol
  • help to acknowledge feelings instead of pushing them away, (pushing emotions away is at the base of depression, anxiety, eating problems…)
  • higher concentration

My workshop relies on fun visualisation techniques that enhance creative thinking, mental strength, positive thinking, and self-esteem, in order to harness the mind – the basis of a fabulous, happy, and successful life.

We are creatures of habit, teach our children now and they will go back to it whenever needed, their whole lives.

The counties I am open to visit Primary schools (only primary schools) are following: Essex, Hertforshire, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Berkshire, Cambridgeshire, East-Sussex, West-Sussex, West-Midlands, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Rutland.

Price for the schools:
0,45 pence per mile for my travel.
£1/child (can be paid by the school or each individual)

Prior to the event, children will receive a flyer with info about meditation/ my visit and the chance to buy my new book or CD prior to my visit. They will then receive their signed copy on the day.

A maximum of 40 children per group. Every group receives a 30 minutes meditation class.

We can fit in 10 sessions in a day (9-12 and 1-3) which covers a maximum of 400 children/day.

At the end of the school day, included for FREE, is a one hour explanation/help, for teachers to create more insight in the importance of meditating so they know how to keep going themselves with the children to create a positive habit and positive changes for the children.


The staff, will also be able to buy a book or CD with meditations on the day as a support for the daily mindfulness. The book and CD will be sold at a discounted price of £8.50 each instead of £9.99.
Schools can contact me via email mariedelanote@hotmail.com or my book website www.acornstogreatoaks.com/contact

EDUKIT LINK: https://www.edukit.org.uk/listing/1294/mindfulness

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