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Messages from the Higher Self

It was my 10 year old son’s first day in his new school. I teach my children visualisation techniques, breathing and coping mechanisms to deal with emotions and life. He is on the autism spectrum and highly sensitive, he is very aware of others’ feelings and his own. He has been very excited about his new school but also unsettled. Change of school is a big change for him. I taught him to talk to himself, to imagine seeing his nervous self, inside, and to quiet him down. He told me he talks to himself all the time ‘Is that weird mummy?’ ‘No, of course not, I talk to myself all the time, it really helps.’  I answered. ‘But mum, ‘I’ always answer’. It’s like, I talk to myself and myself answers very clearly and always gives very good answers.’

My dear son, you talk to yourself and it is your Higher Self answering, something we can all do if we’d only kept the connection open and took the time to actually listen. Your Higher Self knows all answers as it has full connection to who you really are.

Meditation and turning the attention inwards quiets the mind and that way, Angelic guidance can be received clearly.


Book and CD ‘Acorns to Great Oaks – Meditations for Children’ Published by Findhorn Press

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