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What to expect from a healing session…

During a healing session, I open doors so people can (re)-discover themselves, so they can be who they are in full glory and happiness. It is always up to the client’s free will whether or not he/she accepts the healing changes or not.

The way I work cannot be placed under one umbrella, it is a compilation of gained knowledge, personal experience and intuition.

Via the clients name with its unique vibration, I can tune into my clients deep subconscious, where I can see the past, the now and the future, as well as past lives. Those translations translate themselves visually, through feelings and through a knowing. This is something that cannot be explained rationally or scientifically.

While I work on the harmonizing of the chakra’s/energy points, the ‘dark’ places in the energy system; the roots, the real reason of the blockage comes out automatically. Very often it is a life happening; goes back to the pregnancy; birth; taken over problems from parents (family circles); youth; bond with the parents and not to forget, past lives!

I will translate that information into words for my client. This will help my client to understand certain situations in their life. This information will make them see clear in the how and why of returning life events or feelings, will help the client to let go of returning patterns or situations when they finally see the deeper meaning through a healing session.

By lifting blocked energies, it gives the opportunity to my client to throw light onto patterns in their lives so they can break through them, so the client becomes stronger and confident in who they are.

For many people, through this type of healing, physical discomfort or illnesses are being lifted, people feel lighter/heavier, people cry as they can finally let go and feel relieved or feel extremely happy. Everyone reacts differently. Some people feel it straight away, for other people it takes a few days before they can handle the energy shift.

This type of healing does not stop when the session is finished. It is a shift in perception, a throwing off, of burdened energies of the past to be restored in one selves’ own beautiful power and strength, our natural state of perfect health, love and happiness! Thanks to the healing, people see more clearly, handle things differently and change their lives for the better.

It is every time again a further process of spiritual growth.

A healing and reading session can always be combined for the same price of £70.

A consultation lasts one hour and costs £70.
Don’t hesitate to contact me with further questions and for booking your appointment.

Please contact me for more information.

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