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Chakras are energy- our consciousness centers in and outside our body. We cannot physically detect our chakras, they are energy connections to our aura (the energy field around us) and the energy world around us.

Chakra means ‘ turning wheel of light’.

Chakra’s have a direct influence on the organs, blood stream, organ functions, hormones, emotions and thoughts! Also the other way around, the mind has a direct influence on the chakra’s. It is crucially important we keep the energy flowing evenly so the energy flow to the whole body moves freely and life is physically, mentally and emotionally lived in balance.

Many of us have lived many times before. Every emotional, physical, psychological, happening through all these lives have been stored in the energy system, in the chakras.

So the physical body is the result of the energetic system.

We need to clear away the negative hang-ups of the past so that we can live in light, love and happiness, our natural state. People think we need to ‘suffer’ to grow, but we grow even more when we live a happy life.

Every chakra is in connection with a specific physical and psychological function. Negative psychological and emotional feelings eventually cause disharmony in our energy system.

A disharmonized energy system changes how you view life, how you think and feel and stops you from living a full and happy life. The joy of life will fade and the conscious level will drop; eventually this will lead to disease and pain.

Heal your chakras, happenings, emotions and mind and feel, think and live happily!!!

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