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– Your reading will include channeled messages from your Angels and guides.
‘They’ show me this information in images via my clairvoyance and give answers through my feelings and mind. This work is scientifically not explainable.
– I also use my knowledge of numerology in your reading, to calculate your birth and generation number. This shows a lot about who you are, your strengths, character and compatibility with someone else… I calculate which 10 year cycle of life you are in and your year cycle. This calculation can give great insights to the why and how of things happening in your life right now.
– Your reading will also include answers channeled via my ‘Crystal learning and Oracle cards’ and the ‘Belline’ cards to get more insight in your questions.
– I always include a ‘mini’ healing session: placing of Ethereal Crystals on your 10 main chakra’s and 5 other chakra’s. Ethereal Crystals are Crystals placed purely by intention and are 400 times stronger then physical crystals. They will help to heal blockages in your energy system. This, in combination with the insights given by your Angels, cards and numerology, can lead to steps forward in your life/development/awareness/healing…

All this together leads the reading to be inspirational, uplifting, guided and will give you great insights.
I treat every reading in the best way for that reading. If by example questions are connected to other people, I will carefully ‘read’ and feel what’s going on. I always ask permission to other people’s higher self! Free will is very important.
If connections with other people are difficult, I will heal those energies to make it easier for everyone. If it concerns difficulty in buildings or past events, I will place healing. When I see uncomfortable, blocked energies, I will heal to help you along. I mention everything that comes up in the reading!

A reading takes me a 1 1/2 hours and is very carefully channeled, put together and emailed straight after.
Price: £70

Don’t hesitate to contact me with further questions and to book your session:
All I need to know: – Your first name
– Date of birth
– Questions

Lots of love and Angel blessings!

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