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coming-soonThis book idea evolved whilst I was designing and developing my own set of Crystal learning and Oracle cards. As I evolved, developed and tweaked these cards, it became clear to me that anyone, with a little guidance, could learn to use them.

The book includes details and information on the chakra system, hypothesis on how and why we become susceptible to certain illnesses, emotional or psychological problems and the root cause of addictions. In brief, to create more awareness of our problems. Because when awareness of where a root of a problems lies, it is easier to remove.

The ultimate goal of the book is to enlighten people towards the existence and power of Ethereal crystals. The crystals placed, simply by intention. Taken directly from the Universe, four hundred times stronger than a physical crystal, simply by thought, without using a physical crystal.

The crystal can be left to do their fabulous work, while you continue getting on with your day. The crystals can easily be utilised in daily life, in whatever situation, they cannot be dislodged and they disappear when they are no longer needed. Many people are too busy, to actively heal, but thanks to the ‘intentional crystals’ you do not need time or Physical crystals and If we all heal a little bit, we move towards a healed beautiful world. Now who doesn’t want to live in that!

You can use this beautiful book and 33 card deck to learn about chakra, crystal end ethereal crystal therapy either for yourself or in your practice.

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