Being a mum, who says it’s easy, is lying

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Being a mum, who says it’s easy, is lying

Happy mother’s day to all mummy’s in the world who are so lucky to be a mum! Sending lots of hope, healing and love to the ladies who might not ever be ‘mum’, the ones who are dreaming of one day becoming a mum, the wonderful mum’s who can no longer physically hold their child and the mum’s who are mum’s to children that are biologically not theirs, what great love!

Even though, I only started sleeping again at night the last two years after having had 10 years of terribly interrupted sleep (each and every one of my kids would wake up for feeding or comfort every hour or every two hours for months, euh, years on end). Oh sorry, mistake, not my youngest as she was a bit better seen that she was put into routine after having spend the first four months of her life in hospital not knowing if we were actually ever going to take her home. Where were we: whipping bum’s, throw up, cleaning mouths, floors, tables, washing clothes a thousand times, whipping tears, sit up day and night with a crying child in my arms, completely depending on what my children need. Being a clean freak and having OCD, loving a tidy house and car but constantly scratching of dried sweets, cereal and yoghurt of the floor and finding crumbs in the most ridiculous places. Putting my wishes to the side, breathe, breathe, breathe… I clearly have a life lesson in patience… as yes, we all dream of this baby popping out perfectly, sleep all day (Oh yes, all day long that’s all I used to hear ‘oh, but my child is so good, they play on their own, they sleep all night…) honestly, don’t be fooled f**k that, my kids did none of that! Two depressions later and ones we get through baby stage, school stuff happens, fighting relentlessly to get the best support for your child, fighting with ignorant people, fighting like only a lioness can for her cubs. No, not all children, walk into school, have loads of friends, find school work dead easy and come home every day with a smile on their face.

But hey, you know what, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! The lessons they have taught me of patience, fighting spirit, calm, respect, unlimited love, how lucky am I! I have the biggest treasure life could have given me, four healthy children! People say, I don’t know how you do it with four kids. You know what, there are days I have no idea how I do it but when I sit at that kitchen table, surrounded by those lovely faces, smiling, laughing, joking and saying, just like that ‘for no reason’, ‘I love you mummy’… I am the luckiest woman alive. They are a part of me, I am a part of them. the love (even though I can swing them out of the room sometimes and I’m sure they can me as well), the love, the love, the love, the pride… unmeasurable.

Happy mother’s day!



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