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In this 94 minute video you will learn:

* How energy healing actually works.

* How psychic surgery is performed – a very powerful healing technique.

* Chakra therapy. In debt information about the chakra system. What does a healthy chakra creates – What does an unhealthy chakra creates – addictions linked to a blocked chakra – Which life events can block which specific chakra’s – Which illnesses can occur when specific chakra’s are blocked. This knowledge will give you a well of information in order to understand and help yourself and/or your client.

* Who are the Angels and the Universe and how can we work with them?

* How should my healing space look like?

* How often do people need a healing session?

* Can I combine healing methods?

* How much do I charge my clients?

* Last but not least, explained in detail, step by step, how to perform an energy healing session. Energy healing on your client, connections between people, situations in people’s lives, energy in buildings and more. Everything you need to know to start your own energy healing business, right now!

Take your time to listen to the course and practice the skills. If you would like to receive a certificate, a ‘test’ will be sent to you for completion.

The course is available now, for only


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