An example of beauty caused by mindfulness exercises in a primary school

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An example of beauty caused by mindfulness exercises in a primary school

I walked into a school in Kent to give taster sessions in mindfulness.
Even though I know the incredible healing effects of my work, I wasn’t prepared to see what happened next and it is a moment I will always carry with me.

This was probably one of my favourite schools I visited so far. There was just generally such an enormous awareness around the importance of the subject and an excitement about bringing mindfulness into their school.

As I walked through the hallways of the school, one particular boy caught my attention. He was 9 years old. I do not know what his challenges were but my natural radar noticed very clearly, he struggled with some serious emotional issues. He was also assigned a one to one teacher all the time. He looked so angry. His body was tense, he snapped at everyone, his eyes only shot fire but below all that, I could feel such incredibly deep pain. He was ‘the troubled kid’.

The 30 minutes session began for his 30 pupil class and I explained a bit how it works. He angrily pulled pieces of paper and looked at me like I was a dangerous intruder. I started the music and guided the children through the meditation. The young boy did not join in and continued his paper ripping the whole exercises through. After a few minutes in the second meditation, he looked around seeing most children with their eyes closed joining in. His hands calmed and his shoulders dropped. He looked at me and I smiled at him. (and I sent him some of my witches’ positive vibes and glittery healing colours) He gave me a half-smile and his eyes softened. I left him to it and another minute later, he sat relaxed with his eyes closed. His assigned teacher looked at me with full positive fascination and my heart just burst with happiness. After that, we did another exercise and he joined in fully.

At the end of the session, all of that anger in his body and eyes was gone. He came to me and he chatted away. He asked me when I was coming back as he loved it so much. He was a completely different child. This child was soaking up the positivity and love and it made me very emotional. Even if I just made a difference to him, I had accomplished what I came for.

I know this wasn’t me doing it but the music and the mindfulness exercises. It was the focus on the feelings and the change of negative pictures in the mind into positive!

His teacher bought my CD and now continuous the exercises in her special class with those children who are under her supervision.
At the base of depression, anxiety, anger, self-harm, eating disorders… lies trapped emotions.

Mindfulness in schools is not a fancy extra, it is a must.

Mental health is just as important if not more, as looking after the physical body.

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